TheCompany "Metopi Environmental Protection Consultants" was founded in 1999 in order to provide a variety of specialized services for the Protection of the Marine Environment, including the subsequent support for their effective implementation, by securing first and foremost the interests of the Insurance Organizations, the P&I Clubs and the Port Authorities

The activities of the Company, which currently occupies two floors of a proprietary building, that happens to be completely autonomous in terms of energy production, have been focused in recent years on surveying in maritime pollution incidents on the behalf of P&I Clubs and Insurance Companies, and also on the provision of specialized consulting services, relating to the development and subsequent technical assistance for the implementation of the following Plans:

1. Waste Management Plans, during the preparation of which, we investigate thoroughly each Port Facility's capabilities for collection, storage, processing, transport and disposal of all types of waste, until documentation. In short, we manage to improve the services offered to every vessel that approaches the Port, assessing and acting according to the specific needs that its Facilities may present, in order to effectively organize the Port Authority's actions.

At the same time, we contribute substantially in the selection of the appropriate recipients for the collection of each waste type. This is accomplished through irreproachable procedures, always in the best interest of each Port Authority, initially with the provision of specific details of and on all licensed companies that operate on the rendering of services that include the collection and management of all categories of maritime wastes. Their subsequent offers are then being evaluated, by taking into consideration both their technical and economical data. It has to be noted, that we do not belong in any way to the numerous Waste Collecting and Recovering Companies, which is why we are able to provide the best choices (technically and economically) to each Port Authority for its Facilities. It is thus our firm commitment that the entire annual fixed cost of Waste Management on Ports will not exceed 1,000 Euros for all contractors.

2. Oil Spill Response Contingency Plans, of all coastal areas of responsibility of each Port Authority, that contain all necessary information, which results from the on-site inspection of the whole region in which the Port lies and the gathering of substantial data, including all required instructions that are necessary and extremely useful for everyone involved, to be able to understand and secondly proceed with all the actions that must be taken in the event of an actual pollution incident.

It has to be noted, that our company has nothing to do with Antipollution Equipment supply, instead we define strict standards for the provision of high quality and reliable Antipollution materials. Our main aim is for the best equipment to be had foreach Port Authority's staff, in order for themto effectively address an actual pollution incident, them being the only ones who can intervene directly. They also happen to be legally entitled for such an intervention by the Presidential Decree 11/2002.

Also, another part of our Conventional commitments is to scrutinize the Antipollution Equipment that Port Authorities are supplied by various Companies. In retrospect, a specific Technical report is conducted, which indicates whether the condition of the equipment matches the specifications of the relevant type of approval from the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism, or significant deviations were noticed which in many cases constitute the return of defective or improper materials in the Supplying Company.

Additionally, we provide the necessary operational settlement of the Antipollution equipment, in order for it to be ready for use in an actual event.The aforementioned equipment settlement is then followed by a theoretical and practical training for every Port Authority's Antipollution Team, using all the Oil booms and conducting their subsequent necessary anchoring with a total duration of at least 2 working days.This particular training is organized in order for the staff that participates in the Antipollution Team, to be provided with the necessary knowledge, so as to be able to respond immediately, autonomously and especially effectively when and if an actual pollution incident takes place.

At this point,it is important to clarify that our Company does not relate in any way with theGreek Antipollution Companies (which operate mainly in Greece, aiming at resolving marine pollution for their own benefit)and therefore we provide throughout the term of the relevant contract, a qualified technician on a 24 hours daily basis at no charge, for the on-site assistance of the Antipollution Team of each Port Authority.By conducting this, our main goal is to provide the necessary guidance to the Team, that is based on our many years of experience gained in addressing similar incidents, in order for them to cope with the incident effectively,and for the total of the compensation by the polluter to be given to the Port Authority, for which the case demanding said compensation is composed by us.Usually the amount of such compensation is far from insignificant, since we are responsible for the gathering of all the relevant documents which are then submitted through the Port Authority to the polluter and his insurance company, thus claiming successfully significant amounts of money on behalf of the Port Authority and only them, that range from tens to hundreds of thousands of Euros. We have participated in six (6) similar incidents in the last five years, two (2) of which occurred at Ports that are managed by the Port Authority of Patmos (Alinda-Leros island 25,000 in 2010 and Patmos island 16,000 in 2011),one (1) to the port of Mytilene-Lesvos island, which is under administration by the Port Authority of Lesvos (60,000 Euros in 2013), one (1) in Marina Lefkas (11,000 Euros in 2013) and one (1) to the Port of Corfu which is managed by the Corfu Port authorityS.A. in October 2014 (which's reimbursement is expected to exceed 300,000 Euros).

Finally and because of our large experience that was gained by partaking in or leading the Operations in pollution incidents during the last 15 years, we undertake surveys on behalf of the P&I Clubs and Insurance Organizations in general, concerning maritime pollution incidents, particularly when the incident requires either the taking of preventive measures for the protection of the marine environment, or the operations in total that are necessary for successfully addressing it.

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